Working in the Rain Safely Training

Working Safely in the Rain


Working in the rain causes hazards and safety issues. Be sure you have the proper equipment, proper PPEs, and a safe execution of your actions while working in the rain. Here are some key points:


  • Move more slowly and carefully

  • Use the correct equipment

  • Wear appropriate rain gear

  • Wear appropriate footwear

  • Use proper hand protection

  • Ensure you can see

  • Make sure you can be seen


Be safe when working in wet conditions, if you have any concerns or questions call your supervisor or safety coordinator.


OSHA News: We review OSHA News for awareness of what is going on across our nation in many workplaces and the injuries/death people suffer due to unsafe practices and acts. This week we see the following incidents: lockout/tagout was not in place resulting in amputation and burns, fall citations due to exposing employees to falls by not having fall protection in place, cave-in results in death due to excavation not properly set up, inspected, and protective systems not in place. Safety behavior is key and will keep us and others from getting hurt, losing limbs, and even death. We all want to work, be safe, and live to see another day. Being safe is part of your job and can save you and others from injuries and death. Remember all incidents are preventable.

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