General Repairs

Facility Repair Services

Although it might not seem like it, general repairs – even small ones – can become huge issues. All American gives you reliable, proactive facility repair services to keep your  routine maintenance in check and your business running so you can focus on your customers.


Complete Facility Maintenance Services

Routine repairs and maintenance at a single location operation might seem like a minor annoyance, issues and costs can compound quickly for the multi-site operation. Before you know it, you’re waist-deep in multiple facilities management duties or worse, one of those “small” repairs turns into a larger, more lingering issue with repetitive and runaway budget blowing costs. This not only cuts into your overall budget—it can significantly impact site operations, your customer’s experience, and your brand identity.  


At All American, we help you manage the “bigger picture” and reduce out-of-control costs. From small, on- demand  or planned services to capital expenditure projects, we help assess your repair needs and accurately determine a repair task or schedule an asset for maintenance or replacement. We also understand that one location manager or associate cannot wait on repairs at their site while another location is being serviced. That’s why we manage all your service calls at once, maximizing your repair dollars and reducing repair times at multiple locations.


General Repairs:


  • Handyman Services

  • Store Fixture Installation and Repairs

  • Drywall Repairs

  • Wainscot Repairs / Installations

  • Floor Tile / Carpet Repairs

  • Painting

  • Crash Bollards

  • Personnel Doors

  • Acoustic Ceiling Tile and Grid Repairs

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All American yor full facilties maintenance solution

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