Backflow Prevention

All American has been providing backflow assembly testing, certification, repair,

replacement, and management services since 1992. Backflow assembly, routine

testing, and certification at a single location operation might seem like a minor

annoyance, but  issues and costs can compound quickly for the multi-site

operation. Before you know it, you’re waist-deep in second notices, final notices,

or even a Friday morning frantic phone call from a remote location manager

letting you know a water maintenance worker from the water company came in

and handed the manager a Notice of Violation and shut off if the backflow

assembly is not tested and certified by the end of the day.

All American provides program management and backflow testing for all sizes,

makes, and models of backflow assemblies. We test, certify, repair, and replace

assemblies for commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities. Most Jurisdictions

Having Authority require the backflow assemblies located in their jurisdictions to

be tested annually with certified reports promptly submitted to their offices.


Water distribution systems require backflow prevention in order to ensure that contaminants from water users don’t flow back into the potable water supply provided by the water purveyor. A functional, tested and certified backflow assembly protects you from water service disruption, flowing contaminants back into the potable water supply, and potential fines from the Jurisdiction Having Authority.


Backflow Services:


  • Program Management

  • Assembly Certification

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Assembly Testing

  • Repair / Replacement

  • Assembly Upgrade

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